Osamu Honda

CGPNY Director

Today, Japan and the United States enjoy a very close relationship, encompassing a diverse array of fields. In fact, forging and strengthening connections and networks through exchange is the most important mission of the Japan Foundation.
In this light, the Foundation supports fundamental infrastructure that allows these connections to develop and implements various programs to foster exchange and build networks. We work with both institutions and individuals, and those partners include universities, think tanks, museums, Japan-America societies, U.S. JET Alumni Association, the North American Japanese Garden Association, as well as professionals from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, including academics, practitioners, educators, artists, and curators.
To illustrate this, the "Japan Outreach Initiative" (JOI) program is designed to raise awareness and understanding of Japanese culture by dispatching Japanese JOI coordinators to regions in the Midwest and South, where there is relatively few Japan-related activities and opportunities for global exchange. These coordinators provide community outreach activities about Japan to foster mutual understanding.
And, the "U.S.-Japan Network for the Future" program is designed to build and enhance a network of Japan specialists that can bring diverse expertise and perspectives to the bilateral policy-making process in the mid- and long-term.
So, we look forward to working together with you, our partners and collaborators, both old and new, to build even closer and stronger relations between our two countries.