Intellectual Exchange

Abe Fellowship Program 2010-2011

Kuniko Ashizawa
Senior Lecturer, International Relations, Politics and Sociology 
Oxford Brookes University 
"Peacebuilding in Afghanistan: A Comparative Analysis of Japan, the U.S., and the E.U."

Paul Blustein
Nonresident Fellow, Global Economy and Development
Brookings Institution
"Off Balance: International Institutions and the Global Financial Crisis"

JoAnn Carmin
Associate Professor, Urban Studies and Planning
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"A Comparative Assessment of Urban Adaptation Initiatives"

Eiko Ikegami
Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology
New School University
"Virtual Communities and Civil Society: Ethnology of Social Networking Media and Community Formation in Japan and the U.S."

Masako Ikegami
Professor, Department of Political Science
Stockholm University
"Nuclear Strategy of the U.S.-Japan Alliance Revisited: Addressing Increased Nuclear Threat in the Paradox of Global Nuclear Disarmament"

Yuko Kasuya
Associate Professor, Political Science
Keio University
"Globalizing Transparency: The Causes of Freedom of Information Laws Around the World"

Eiji Kawabata
Associate Professor, Political Science and Law Enforcement
Minnesota State University at Mankato
"The Politics of Privacy in Japan, Australia, and South Korea: Complex Policy Convergence in the Asia Pacific"

Jenny Rebecca Kehl
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science and International Development 
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick Campus
"Water Scarcity and Food Security"

Kumiko Nemoto
Assistant Professor, Sociology
Western Kentucky University
"A Comparative Study of Workplace Equality in a Japanese Multinational Firm in  Japan, the United States, and China"

Aya Okada
Professor, Graduate School of International Development
Nagoya University
"Globalization and Changing Patterns of Skills Development: A Comparative Study of the U.S., China and India"

Jennifer Robertson
Professor, Anthropology and the History of Art
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
"Safety, Security, Convenience: The Political Economy of Service Robots in Japan"

Etsuro Shioji
Professor of Economics
Hitotsubashi University
"The Global Trade and Output Collapse of the 2008-2009 Period: Cross Country Comparison Based on Japanese Experiences"