Intellectual Exchange

CGP's Intellectual Exchange program provides opportunities for a broad spectrum of individuals from the United States and Japan to collaborate and build partnerships in order to find solutions to create a more peaceful, stable, and equitable global order as well as to overcome challenges such as the widening gap in social disparity and economic stagnation faced by many around the world. To achieve these goals, CGP gives priority to projects which include the participation of individuals from other countries, especially Asian countries that play a key role in issue(s) addressed in the proposed project.


  • Discretionary Grants

  • Abe Fellowship Program

  • Abe Fellowship Program for Journalists

  • Abe Fellows Global Forum

  • US-Japan Network for the Future

  • Case Studies Japan: Research Trip to Japan for Interdisciplinary Scholars and Graduate Students

  • Japanese-American Leadership Delegation Program

  • Japan-US Partnership Program


  • CGP Grant Program Intellectual Exchange

  • Japan Travel Program for US Future Leaders

  • JET Memorial Project - Taylor Anderson Memorial

  • RFP: Exploration of Critical Issues Emanating from Japan's March 11th Disasters

  • Japan-America Collegiate Exchange Travel Program

  • US-Japan Journalism Program