Mask Up 2020 Design Gallery

Mask design gallery

Submitted Designs

  • Masking Up Around the World

    1. Masking Up Around the World

    The "sickness" is all around the world and we need to wear masks to keep people safe.
  • 絆 (Kizuna)

    2. 絆 (Kizuna)

    The bald eagle represents strength while the Japanese crane symbolizes hope. Although these birds differ in many ways, they are both powerful symbols that represent some important values of the American and Japanese culture. Much like these birds, the United States and Japan are vastly different, but together they work in unity to bring hope and strength to the world. The bonds of friendship (kizuna) can overcome many obstacles.
  • Auroras in Spring  2021

    3. Auroras in Spring 2021

    Wonder at a glimpse of northern lights.
  • Itadakimasu!

    4. Itadakimasu!

    I feel like few things can bring people together like food can. As such, my design is based on one of the most iconic dishes in Japanese cuisine, ramen, which has been embraced by American diners with a similar passion you find in Japan. Both countries are represented in the design by the small sheets of nori in the shapse of flags, joining together over a warm bowl of ramen.
  • Japan-US Friends Forever

    5. Japan-US Friends Forever

    Japan and the US has a long history of friendship. Sometimes, this friendship can be enhanced by the exchange of cultures, such as Anime or Hollywood movies, but also was tainted by misunderstanding, ignorance, and wars in the past. This mask represents the "friends forever" theme by incorporating a forever symbol, sakura (cherry blossom), Golden Gate Bridge, and a circular flag that is a morph between the US and Japanese flags in its background.
  • White House and Tokyo Skytree, Peace

    6. White House and Tokyo Skytree, Peace

    The concept of the mask design is peace and no Covid. One Japan nurse and one U.S.A. nurse are shaking hands. Other details are that Biden and Harris are waving from the White House. Soichi Noguchi is launching off on a rocket by the White House. By the Tokyo Skytree, an airplane's pilot is waving.
  • Icicle Rose

    7. Icicle Rose

    The colors red and white are for the Japanese flag, with a rose for my favorite flower, whose petals "look like icicles" for the winter. Both the Japanese and American flags have red and white, and the rose is also something you would give your friend, to appreciate them for their relationship. The green leaves represent new life, with one leaf for each country.
  • Cooperation Makes Us Stronger

    8. Cooperation Makes Us Stronger

    I love maximalist art but I challenged myself to create a simple design. Clearly it symbolizes both the Japanese and American flags. We are stronger together.
  • The Handshake

    9. The Handshake

    When you think of a respectful and nice way to greet someone or say "Thank you" without words, you think of a simple handshake. In Japan, you give and receive items with two hands as a sign of respect, and so the importance of the hand shake is to show the mutual respect that the US and Japan have.
  • Sakura and Eagle

    10. Sakura and Eagle

    My idea was to combine symbols that represent Japan and America, which I choose sakura and eagle. The color choice was inspired by ukiyo-e style. Ukiyo-e paintings use a lot of muted color.
  • Mt. Fuji at Sunset

    11. Mt. Fuji at Sunset

    "The big mountain is pretty at sunset". Some of my family lives at the bottom of Mt. Fuji. We did not get to visit this year and I miss my family in Japan.
  • What We Share

    12. What We Share

    The design concept was created with the thought of the United States' and Japan's history of interactions and what has been born from it. The design represents shared history of contact, innovations in medicine and technology, material culture, and the hope for the continuation of peace between our two nations.
  • Friends from Opposite Ends

    13. Friends from Opposite Ends

    I decided to put the Japanese and American flags to represent the two cultures. Then I put one person from Japan and another from America coming together on a bridge to symbolize a friendship from two different sides of the world. I wanted to portray a relationship between two different cultures becoming friends and and being together. I tried to do a simple, yet meaningful design.
  • Koi Fish

    14. Koi Fish

    Using the colors blue, white, and red, (and black…) I try to represent both the Japan and the US flags. A koi fish and girl are added for aesthetic.
  • U.S.-Japan Relationship

    15. U.S.-Japan Relationship

    On the mask design, the American flag and bald eagle represent the United States, while the Japanese flag and imperial seal represent Japan. Everything in the design is closely attached and impacted, just like the partnership between the two countries.
  • SS America 1871

    16. SS America 1871

    2021 marks the 150th anniversary of the Iwakura Mission. The 48-person Mission was led by Ambassador Tomomi Iwakura and included three ministers of the Meiji Government. In December 1871, the Mission boarded SS America, an elegant vessel of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company, in Yokohama, and headed for San Francisco. Their goal was to study modern industrial, political and educational systems of the U.S.
  • solar system

    17. solar system

    The sun of the Japanese flag and the star of the American flag. The number 12 is auspicious, such as constellations, zodiac signs, and years, so I set the orbit to 12. I pray for a good relationship betweeen Japan and the United States. The size of the stars is also related to the size of the state.
  • Cherry blossoms

    18. Cherry blossoms

    I choose to design my mask with cherry blossoms/sakura because it really fits in for the relationship between America and Japan.
  • Friendship Flower

    19. Friendship Flower

    The image shows two cherry blossom flowers which were gifts from Japan to the US as a sign of friendship. The branches twisted together are there to represent our unity as global citizens.
  • Flowers for a Nation

    20. Flowers for a Nation

    Flowers play a large part in symbolism both in the United States as well as in Japan. We use them to make people happy, as greetings, and as gifts for a large number of occasions. I have always loved flowers and I think national flowers are often over looked when looking at countries so I wanted to show each country's national flower with their flag colours and written in the other's language.
  • The Eagles Blossoms

    21. The Eagles Blossoms

    The American eagle flies through the cherry blossoms as they fall in spring.
  • A Good Job Smile

    22. A Good Job Smile

    This design revolves around the concept of two common grounds between the US and Japan through symbolism: friendly and hardworking. By wearing this mask, one can express their friendliness with a smile and do their part of lowering the spread of diseases.
    Star background = US; mark used in the US schools meaning "good job"
    Good Job! = eyes
    Hanamaru = cheeks; mark used in Japanese schools meaning "good job
    Sun = nose; Japan
    よくできました! (yoku dekimashita!) = mouth; "Good job!" in Japanese
  • Under the Same Sun

    23. Under the Same Sun

    Two countries that are only separated by an ocean, the red Japan sun is the same red in the American flag.
  • Blossoming Relations

    24. Blossoming Relations

    A handshake is a universal sign of friendliness and good relations, so it is the foundation of this design. Where the two hands touch, there is a blossoming chrysanthemum-a symbol of friendship, joy, and fortune-with smaller chrysanthemums blooming around it.
  • Capital Cities Under the Same Sky

    25. Capital Cities Under the Same Sky

    I wanted to capture the shared experience of the United States and Japan during the global COVID-19 pandemic. I was inspired by the concept that cities all over the world share the same sky, moon, and stars. Nations now also share the challenges created by the global pandemic. My design features famous landmarks from the capital cities of the US and Japan under the same night sky to reflect this idea. The cherry blossoms symbolize hope and the linkages that bond us together.
  • The Exponent Of Breath

    26. The Exponent Of Breath

    I wanted to make a design that used elements from both the Japanese and the American flag. I was inspired by an ukiyo-e from the 1850s of "Gods of Fortune on a River" which I paired with words by Emily Dickinson, an American poet. The poem speaks of love as part of breathing, and I thought that'd be a good sentiment to share.
  • Connectivity

    27. Connectivity

    Japan and US relationship transcends human ties - the two countries are also connected by nature, through oceanic currents and animal migrations. Here these connections are represented in a stylized Pacific Ocean, its initial color taken from each country's flag - as the water moves, its mixed color reflects our mixed experiences, values and cultures. Superimposed are emblematic bluefin-tunas, a reminder that our connections make us stronger to overcome any crisis.
  • An Unlikely Friendship

    28. An Unlikely Friendship

    This mask is inspired by the traditional Japanese story of the Turtle and the Crane. The crane shows the turtle what it's like to fly, but the turtle falls and cracks his shell. We can all learn from our friends, no matter how different they are from us.
  • Universal Best Friend

    29. Universal Best Friend

    The celebration of dogs is a mutual concept in the U.S. and Japan alike. As a symbol of companionship, dogs are a representation as the human's best friend. Like a dog represents companionship with an individual, my mask's use of the Japanese Shiba Inu represents the relationship between the U.S. and Japan.
  • Amabie Blue

    30. Amabie Blue

    During this pandemic, I believe it is the perfect opportunity to share to the world the story of Amabie. May this Amabie cure everyone who sees it.
  • 御守りOMAMORI

    31. 御守りOMAMORI

    The design and color concept is combining goldfish and Japanese amulets. The graphic on the left is my painting of a goldfish tail, which expresses the beauty and the idea of blessing. On the upper right corner is the Japanese characters of Omamori written within a symbol of the US, where the capital U is overlapping the letter S. Meaning a good wish from Japan to the US, especially in this time for good health.
  • Tangled Mask

    32. Tangled Mask

    Zentangle is a form of focused drawing of repetitive patterns for relaxation. I was proud to be in the first class of certified zentangle teachers. COVID has caused so much stress that Zentangle Inspired Art seems appropriate.
  • USA and Japan in Peace

    33. USA and Japan in Peace

    Since the theme was the relationship between USA and Japan, I figured that I could draw a half line and then draw the flags both USA and Japan. I then wrote peace at the top. But what inspired me was school because I go to a school where we have Japanese immersion which symbolizes them working together to teach English people to learn Japanese and Japanese people to learn English.
  • Happy Moo Moo

    34. Happy Moo Moo

    In this piece, I have designed a cow representing the closeness between the two countries. If you observe, you can notice that the cow has two spots on its eyes, representing Japan and the US. This piece can be interpreted as close ally ship the two have. And it can also resonate with the ending of the beef trading restrictions. If you may have known, this year is also the year of the cow.
  • Two landscapes, one soul

    35. Two landscapes, one soul

    The star and circle from the two countries' flags, are together in harmony and integrated. Although their landscapes are very different, they have the same passion, joy, and heart.
  • Ramen in Japan

    36. Ramen in Japan

    Ramen with chopsticks with a Japan silhouette in the background
  • Peace

    37. Peace

    This piece shows the love shared between two nations
  • A New Day

    38. A New Day

    My idea is for simple universal words that convey cheer & hope for moving our countries closer together in education, culture, and understanding.
  • Flower Garden

    39. Flower Garden

    A rose represents the U.S. and the sakura represents Japan. Both are very different in appearances and values yet when together, they can create a lovely contrast. That is how I see the Japan and U.S. relationship. Both countries are different but when together they share a beautiful bond of friendship. The hair represents the strong and never ending connection between the two, almost like a string of fate. As a whole, looking at the relationship reminds me of a peaceful and beautiful flower garden.
  • Mask talks about us

    40. Mask talks about us

    It is hard to speak to others under COVID-19 control but mask talks our feelings and shows the U.S.-Japan relationship for us.
  • Manga Music and More

    41. Manga Music and More

    The design is like a page ripped out of a shonen jump magazine - the only things that are colored are a g-pen, an earbud and a book; those are real life objects that are influenced by Japan - we listen/watch to Japanese music and anime, we read manga, etc. In fact, my own drawing style is influenced by manga. Speaking from my perspective, many of my friends are into some form of anime.
  • Stronger Together

    42. Stronger Together

    I drew Cherry Blossom trees to represent Japan and American's relationship. I drew the flags crossing to represent that we are stronger together.
  • Japan and America Mask

    43. Japan and America Mask

    Represents that Japan and American are friends.
  • Best Flag Friends!

    44. Best Flag Friends!

    I used faces for the flag because I thought it would be cute. I used the other colors, such as blue because it looks like the sea, and green for the land.
  • Spirit and Ingenuity

    45. Spirit and Ingenuity

    My mask design combines traditional symbols of each county into a unified composition, with cherry blossoms representing Japan and a bald eagle representing the US. On the left side, the yojijukugo (four character idiom) 和魂洋才is written, meaning Japanese spirit with western ingenuity.
  • FOX - ホシMask

    46. FOX - ホシMask

    The design uses the colors of both the Japanese and American flags. Red, white, and blue. Seven red marks resemble a Japanese kitsune, like Seven red stripes on the American flag. There are 50 blue stars representing 50 States. At the center is a heart shaped nose representing a union. Kitsune is showing more of the Japanese culture aspect, so FOX is in English. Stars are an American flag aspect, ホシ is the Japanese word for star. Thus mixing together languages in the name.
  • Two Cultures United

    47. Two Cultures United

    Two cultures represented by their flags are united under one mask. The bilateral design represents two parties, one covering a side of the person’s face and one covering another side, supporting each other to resemble the figure「人」. Meaning the wearer has two cultures residing inside, making wearer who they are.
  • Love each other!

    48. Love each other!

    To show the relationship between Japan and the USA.
  • 50 Stars in Sunlight

    49. 50 Stars in Sunlight

    This mask has 50 stars on it representing the 50 U.S. states, and a red sun representing the Japanese flag. There are also women of different backgrounds represented.
  • The Gift

    50. The Gift

    My mask design is named "the Gift". It represents the gifts that the United States and Japan exchanged to show their gratitude and respect for each other's cultures and friendship. Japan gave America the Cherry Blossom tree (or "Sakura") in 1912. America gave Japan Dogwood trees in 1915. Both trees symbolize the end of winter and the beginning of new life in the spring.
  • Amepan

    51. Amepan

    America's flag and Japan's flag.
  • Peaceful World

    52. Peaceful World

    Hoping the world becomes peaceful without wars and such. And also hoping the USA and Japan don't fight each other and help mutually.
  • Cheers!! for a bright future

    53. Cheers!! for a bright future

    A bald eagle that is the national bird of the US and a pheasant that is the national bird of Japan are making a toast for the bright future of the US and Japan. The two each of national flags of the two countries are drawn on a piece of cloth, and the US flag is on the backside of Japanese flag and vice versa.
  • Flags and Rainbow

    54. Flags and Rainbow

    The rainbow appears after the rain, and it is said that the rainbow is a token of good luck. Once there was a war between U.S. and Japan, but now, there is a good relationship between two countries. I hope the relationship will bring good fortune to each other. So I expressed two countries with their national flags and land shapes, and connected them by the rainbow.
  • Tomodachi

    55. Tomodachi

    Continuing friendship between Japan and the U.S. is represented by cherries (Japan) and an apple (U.S.)
  • Harmony

    56. Harmony

    My design represents strength and independence from the bald eagle and a time of renewal and saying that life is short from the cherry blossoms. The symbol in the middle represents harmony like the relationship between our countries. The life is short meaning literally life is short so make the best decisions like the amazing bond between America and Japan.
  • Unite

    57. Unite

    On my mask, I would like to show the unity between Japan and America. I showed this by mashing our two flags together and add important land features in Japan.
  • Bubbly Friends

    58. Bubbly Friends

    This design is a showcase of a friendship between two girls of different nationalities and ethnicities. Within this field of bubbles they proudly present their bubbly friendship to the world, while loving each others culture.

    59. KITSUNE

    The design was inspired by traditional Japanese Kitsune (Fox) masks that were worn during special festivals. Though we are wearing a different type of "mask" now due to the pandemic, I thought it would be interesting to combine the traditional graphics with modern designs targeting the young people. The red as well as the decorative patterns symbolize the traditional ornaments of the original masks.
  • Ninja and the American architecture

    60. Ninja and the American architecture

    My design illustrates the coolness of both the United States and Japan. I hope I will be a bridge for the two countries someday and make the world closer.
  • The Beauty of Life

    61. The Beauty of Life

    I chose to illustrate butterflies because they symbolize hope, prosperity, life, and change.
  • Uniting Religion

    62. Uniting Religion

    Religions can unite so can we.
  • Unity

    63. Unity

    I did a yellow heart because yellow is the color of friendship.
  • Bird Buddies

    64. Bird Buddies

    Two birds that represent the two countries flying towards each other.
  • Far is close

    65. Far is close

    My drawing represents how the stuff keeping us apart is just making us closer. And how we are in this together.
  • Impossible

    66. Impossible

    You might think it's impossible for a dog to learn how to play a piano but people thought that 2 country's relationship would be impossible to be good. After so many years it shows that U.S.-Japan's relationship is actually good. This shows that nothing is really impossible just have faith.
  • Friendship Mask

    67. Friendship Mask

    Let's all help each other, work together and beat COVID. We can do this!
  • Great Wave of Friendship

    68. Great Wave of Friendship

    Mask up! Shield mouth and nose; share love and care.
    Mash up! Beauty of two cultures. One love. One peace.
  • Better Together

    69. Better Together

    Similar to ice cream and its toppings, I feel as though Japanese and American collaborations are always great when working as a pair. Thus I used elements from the Japanese and American flags to create the concept for this piece.
  • The Cherry Blossom Tree

    70. The Cherry Blossom Tree

    I put in a lot of effort & patience in this mask project. I put this cherry tree because cherry blossom is my favorite tree. It also symbolizes beauty and spring which brings lots of hope and love.
  • Each Other's Perspective

    71. Each Other's Perspective

    Statue of Liberty and Buddha (from Kamakura) are switched and posed in each other’s spots. Those two statues are one of the strongest symbols representing from Japan and US. In this design, I want to express that successful partnership grows out of understanding each other’s perspective. A dove of peace is cheering both countries up in the middle. A tiny origami boat is sailing back and forth between two statues which stands for good communication.
  • The Birds of Us

    72. The Birds of Us

    My image depicts two birds (the red-crowned crane, and the bald eagle) soaring in the sky. In Japan, the crane symbolizes longevity. In the US, the eagle is a symbol of strength. I chose to represent the US-Japan relationship with these majestic creatures because our relationship is strong and growing stronger. I wish for the US-Japan bonds to have the fortune, courage, and longevity that these birds represent.
  • Stained Glass Blossoms

    73. Stained Glass Blossoms

    I have drawn cherry blossoms like the gifts of cherry trees from Japan to the US. I used blue geometric lines to represent Mount Fuji. It reminds me of a picture I once saw capturing the pale blue and white of the mountain with the soft pink blossoms in the front. The blossoms symbolize a new beginning in spring, but now they will give hope to us in the pandemic.
  • Cranes for Good Health

    74. Cranes for Good Health

    The mask background is sky blue color on which three origami cranes--red, green and yellow--are mounted. In Japan cranes symbolize healing and longevity.
  • Holding Hands

    75. Holding Hands

    The concept of my design is illustrating the close bond between the two countries although they are far apart geographically. The two countries lend each other their hands when the other requires help. By collaborating and sharing their cultures, Japan and the United States form a strong connection that large distances cannot hold against. "Let's hold hands!"
  • Japan & NY

    76. Japan & NY

    I drew the symbols of Japan and NY.
  • US-Japan & Video game

    77. US-Japan & Video game

    This mask was designed by a 6-year-old boy from Michigan. His dad is from America and his mom is from Japan.
  • Mountains of unity

    78. Mountains of unity

    It's Mount Fuji and Mount Rainier merged to symbolize the unity between America and Japan, with the country flags behind the mountains as the sky.
  • Fox Friends

    79. Fox Friends

    A Fox and a Kitsune become friends and decide to swap outfits! While our kitsune manages to pull off the star bandana with grace and elegance, our fox is having a harder time with his ribbon kanzashi, still he looks quite dashing in it. Despite their differences these two are fast friends for life!
  • 一緒に (Together)

    80. 一緒に (Together)

    The word 一緒に, ("Together" in Japanese), is printed on the design in recognition of the friendship between the US and Japan. The plants depicted on the mask, a rose and a cherry blossom, are widely considered to be national symbols of our countries. The varying tones of brown in the design were inspired by the color scheme of the US Constitution, an exceedingly important legal document in the States.
  • Sun and Star

    81. Sun and Star

    Inspired by the intersection between the symbolisms in the Japanese and American flags. The Sun and Star overlap each other to show the connection between the two Nations.
  • Konnichiwa hello

    82. Konnichiwa hello

    I designed my favorite things from U.S. and Japan.
  • Japan and America flag Sunset

    83. Japan and America flag Sunset

    A combination of the two flags in a picture of a sunrise/set under the stars.


    I named this mask design "COLLABORATE" because I think it is the most important thing in this situation. When people see my design, I hope they can learn even more about the importance of collaborating.
  • Social Distancing Shibas

    85. Social Distancing Shibas

    Two Shiba Inus are in a park, social distancing from each other with a cherry blossom tree between them.
  • The Sun Rises Again

    86. The Sun Rises Again

    The sun always rises and tomorrow will come, but a better tomorrow will not happen unless we reach out today. The United States and Japan have a new opportunity on the horizon to extend their hands to one another and encompass the world between them. "The Sun Rises Again" represents the hope and passion our nations have and will continue to put into creating a better and brighter future.
  • The iconic wave of two bonded nations

    87. The iconic wave of two bonded nations

    The mask that I’ve designed represents the US-Japanese connection with two familiar icons from both countries. The Japanese representation is the famous Hokusai wave which many people are familiar with, and the United States representation is the American Flag. The Hokusai wave is one of my favorite pieces of art and combines well with the American flag in the background.
  • Hjertet

    88. Hjertet

    Love is caring for each other
  • Spider Mask

    89. Spider Mask

    Spider webs are quite elaborate. I hope the US-Japan relationship will be more elaborate!!
  • Japan and the USA

    90. Japan and the USA

    Both raise their right hand, the Statue of Liberty and "Manekineko".
  • Across the Ocean

    91. Across the Ocean

    Used the National flowers of both Japan and the US with a mix of a traditional seigaiha pattern and softer line to more align with the lines of the US flag in the background.
  • Fight!

    92. Fight!

    A simple design interpretation mix of U.S. and Japanese flags with the encouragement to keep fighting. If we mask up, care for our local and global friends, and keep fighting we can defeat the virus and save lives.
  • Friendship is in the Air!

    93. Friendship is in the Air!

    Being a military family we get to live in Japan and experience firsthand the alliance and friendship between the U.S. and Japanese forces. Every year aboard Marine Corps Air station Iwakuni, Japan they put on a friendship day air show where both countries come together to showcase our aeronautical capabilities. This was our inspiration and we are proud to serve the good ole' US of A!
  • An Unyielding Relationship

    94. An Unyielding Relationship

    The US and Japan have had a close relationship for a long time. Although some say the relationship is weakening, I believe it will continue to remain strong during and after the pandemic. To convey this, I used a traditional Japanese hexagon pattern (like that of a tortoise's shell) called "kikkou" that symbolizes "longevity". Also, within the hexagons are bamboo leaves that symbolize "unyielding".
  • Be Well.

    95. Be Well.

    This "Yin and Yang" inspired design symbolizes that although our nations are culturally very different, we have more in common than we realize. We are united, facing similar struggles during this pandemic. The message "Be well" promotes the importance of health in these trying times.
  • Our Growth

    96. Our Growth

    The flowers represent the (continuous) growing friendship between Japan and America. The Mask incorporates colors from both the Japanese flag and the United States flag, showing unity.
  • Flying car is flying in between Japan and the US

    97. Flying car is flying in between Japan and the US

    Future flying car is flying across the big forest and pacific ocean, from Japan to the US, from the US to Japan.
  • US-Japan Journey to Mars

    98. US-Japan Journey to Mars

    Astronauts from the US and Japan are collaboratively exploring Mars.
  • Unite

    99. Unite

    The idea is people fist bumping and wearing masks to unite against COVID. America and Japan can be role models for the world.
  • U.S.A. and Japan

    100. U.S.A. and Japan

    I want both USA and Japan to be happy again.
  • Virtual Tour

    101. Virtual Tour

    Virtual Tour bridging Japan and the USA.
  • ALPS

    102. ALPS

    Virtual tour visiting Japan Alps, Mt Fuji and enjoying US cuisine.
  • Expression of love beyond hug

    103. Expression of love beyond hug

    The pandemic of COVID-19 has made it difficult to hug elderly family and friends. Therefore, this design depicts the flags of Japan and the U.S., long-time friends, in the background, with a person in the center holding a mask. The design was created to make people feel more familiar with masks, and to convey the message that the act of wearing a mask itself is a new expression of love.
  • Friendship between Americans and Japanese

    104. Friendship between Americans and Japanese

    I drew an American boy and a Japanese boy. They are best friends. They enjoy eating bagels and sushi together.
  • Flying to the Future

    105. Flying to the Future

    In hopes for the strong, safe, and collaborative future between the U.S. and Japan, the design blends the symbols of both countries: an American bald eagle and Mt. Fuji. The pattern inside was inspired by the traditional Japanese design called asanoha to represent resilience and strength to grow, to envision the future U.S.-Japan relationship to cope with the pandemic and other challenges. The stamp on the left side shows The Japan Foundation CGP in Japanese.
  • Together

    106. Together

    The design that I chose was about being together even when we are apart. There are two arms holding hands, representing the United States flag and the Japan flag. There are 50 stars around the mask showing the 50 states in the United States of America. This mask shows the relationship between the United States of America and Japan.
  • Flag Harmony

    107. Flag Harmony

    The idea just came to me. The design features flags of both countries at the top and stripes with the country's colors at the bottom.
  • apart but together

    108. apart but together

    My mask shows two people from Japan and America talking on the telephone.
  • Spark Hope

    109. Spark Hope

  • Friendship

    110. Friendship

    My design shows 2 people giving gifts, one in Japan, the other in the US. These two places may be across the world but they are still connected by friendship and kindness.
  • Transporting to Different Cultures

    111. Transporting to Different Cultures

    I have had the privilege of being able to be a delegate on several exchange programs to Japan and each time I have learned something new not only about Japanese culture but myself as well. This growth has allowed me to establish long-lasting relationships with my host families and these types of relationships are the keystones of the continuous relationships between the U.S. and Japan. However, I know getting there is half the battle which inspired my transportation design for this mask.
  • Japan and US Mask

    112. Japan and US Mask

    I created a mask to show how unique Japan and the US are, but that they can both be together on one mask. I tried to choose items in nature so I show the beauty of each country.
  • Strands of Life

    113. Strands of Life

    The design reflects multiple strands woven together, with a splash of colors and patterns of Japan and the U.S. Like a rope, the individual strands of our lives may struggle under a load, but united in community we are strong against the stresses of these days. This design comes from thoughts of growing up spending summers in Wajima with my grandparents, who turned 100 this year. Family and friends perservere together, with hope.
  • Peace of Flowers

    114. Peace of Flowers

    I love beautiful flowers. We have been restricted travel due to pandemic. I wish the time being able to travel between two countries comes as soon as possible. I want to enjoy watching beautiful national flowers with my family and friends.
  • Rising Together

    115. Rising Together

    Combines elements from the Japanese (rising sun) and US (stars & stripes) flags to show unity during and beyond the difficult year of COVID-19.
  • Ureshii

    116. Ureshii

    My mask represents the U.S. and Japanese flags and sushi - my favorite Japanese food.
  • Harmony of Flowers

    117. Harmony of Flowers

    This design shows the desert sunflower, which can only be found in America, with some Japanese wisteria. I wanted to show how these flowers, even though they are from completely different areas of the globe, still look beautiful together and complement each other, just like people who are from different countries can get along and help each other wonderfully.
  • Shaking hands

    118. Shaking hands

    This shows the friendly relationship between U.S.A. and Japan.
  • My Homes

    119. My Homes

    I designed this because Japan and America are both my homes and I wanted to fusion their symbols.
  • Land of Free and Land of Mt. Fuji

    120. Land of Free and Land of Mt. Fuji

    When I think of Japan and America, these are the images that come to my mind. They are both beautiful and I tried to represent both.
  • Take Care of Each Other

    121. Take Care of Each Other

    A mask is worn to protect not only yourself, but others as well. I hope my mask design will inspire others to come together and to overcome the pandemic.
  • The Red Thread that Connects Us

    122. The Red Thread that Connects Us

    Based on Japan red thread legend, the red thread is a symbol of human connections and relationships. With what we are going through now in this pandemic, we should know we are not isolated from one another, but are still connected as one. With the unity of both countries, Japan and the United States we can progress through this pandemic together, with the red thread that connects us.
  • Gentle Breeze

    123. Gentle Breeze

    Japanese cherry trees in Washington D.C. are a symbol of the long-lasting friendship between the US and Japan. Cherry blossoms flowing on a gentle breeze from the Statue of Liberty behind Mount Fuji abstract our calm yet firm aspiration to continue fostering our friendship between the two countries.
  • Friendship through music

    124. Friendship through music

    Everyone speaks a language. People in Japan speak Japanese and Americans speak English, but there is another language that connects people in Japan and America: Music. Regardless of the language musicians speak they can all communicate through music. The saxophone is important to me because my father is a saxophonist and he plays concerts in Japan with our Japanese friend who plays shakuhachi. Music brings people together from Japan, America, and all over the world.
  • Nadeshiko Cowboy

    125. Nadeshiko Cowboy

    I was impressed by the cowboy I saw in Fort Worth, the first time I went sightseeing in America. I hope that the cultures of both countries will develop by integrating them with Japanese-style patterns.
  • My Favorite U.S. and Japan

    126. My Favorite U.S. and Japan

    I was born in Japan and I live in NY now. Although, I wasn't able to enjoy sightseeing in NY and go back to Japan to see my friends in Japan. I drew famous and favorite things both in U.S. and Japan. Hope someday I'll enjoy them.
  • Mr. Earth

    127. Mr. Earth

    With the hope that Japan and the U.S. will get along better.
  • Sushi and Hamburger

    128. Sushi and Hamburger

    This face mask design is two foods that I think represent America and Japan. They are both wearing face masks and are six feet apart. They are smiling and waving at each other to show friendship!
  • One Planet, One Health

    129. One Planet, One Health

    This mask represents the U.S.-Japan cooperation on environmental research and sustainable development. It also represents the need for further collaboration between the two countries on urgent issues, such as managing microplastic accumulation in the ocean to conserve the marine environment and its biodiversity.
  • My favorites

    130. My favorites

    There are many things I like in United States and Japan. I drew a lot of my favorite foods, sports and views in the mask. I like the Statue of Liberty because it is symbol of freedom. I hope world peace to continue.
  • Friendship

    131. Friendship

    It was created with the hope that Japan and the United States will continue to get along well and foster friendship on the earth!!!
  • Issho Ni Ganbarou! Together We Will Win!

    132. Issho Ni Ganbarou! Together We Will Win!

    This design represents the lasting goodwill and friendship between the U.S. and Japan. Our mutual love and support of each other are needed more than ever before as we come together to fight this challenging global pandemic. The cooperative and positive actions of each individual, represented by each heart and smile, will help us beat this pandemic. Let's move forward with love and hope, cheering each other on. Together we will win. Issho ni ganbarou!
  • Happy Roll

    133. Happy Roll

    I like sushi. I rolled Japan and America in sushi because I like both countries.
  • Me Sooo Happy

    134. Me Sooo Happy

    Miso soup makes me happy. I hope miso soup mask makes people happy in America and Japan.
  • Friendship

    135. Friendship

    Simple and stylized cherry and dogwood blossoms on a green background, representing the trees Japan and the United States gifted to each other in friendship.
  • Unity

    136. Unity

    The U.S. and Japan have a cordial relationship. I have illustrated both countries and their people in simple fluid forms using their flag colors to define them. The purple figurines are standing over bridges that don't meet to acknowledge their respect for independence yet provide access to each other. I included the national flowers of each country on the bridges as symbols of a blossoming relationship. Both countries can grow in their unity.
  • Stop the Corona Virus

    137. Stop the Corona Virus

    While we can't go home easy, our soul food to cheer up and to ask both Japanese people in America or American people in Japan to stay strong!!
  • America Japan flag diamond bling

    138. America Japan flag diamond bling

    My mask is a flag of a Japan and the America flag and I put the flags together to make a whole different flag to show that even though we're far away from each other we'll still be connected.
  • Fuji Mountain behind Golden Gate Bridge

    139. Fuji Mountain behind Golden Gate Bridge

    Simple idea of combining 1 famous site from Japan and U.S. each.
    Using the Fuji Mountain peak as the nose for the mask
    As the mask are covering our smiles, the Golden Gate Bridge will be the smile as a bridge to connect our emotions.
  • Sakura & Liberty

    140. Sakura & Liberty

    The deisgn that I created for the face mask puts the symbols of the Lady of Liberty and the sakura tree in the foreground, with the branches of the tree flowing into the form of the statue. To me, this shows the connection between the two countries and their citizens.
  • Amabie アマビエ

    141. Amabie アマビエ

    My design is based on a mythical yokai that is famous in Japan, the Amabie. Many believed that the plague the Amabie foresaw in the past is this COVID-19 pandemic so the Amabie started gaining popularity in Japanese media. The Amabie represents the pandemic and I chose bright pastel colors to insinuate a hopeful and happy tone. Overall I want this design to be something familiar, meaningful, yet stylish for everyone.
  • Happiness in the World

    142. Happiness in the World

    Since the corona, it has become more difficult for people to come and go all over the world, making it impossible for them to act in ways that they used to think were normal. However, I believe that if everyone keeps a kind heart and keeps communicating with each other, we can smile. I came up with this design in the hope that everyone in the world will be happy.
  • Night Sky

    143. Night Sky

  • Friendship between U.S. and Japan

    144. Friendship between U.S. and Japan

    Showing a friendship of U.S. and Japan
  • Bridging America and Japan

    145. Bridging America and Japan

    My face mask design is a drawing of a Japanese bridge over water. In the background we see red, white, and blue fireworks and a crane flying into the sky. This drawing is supposed to depict the bridging of America and Japan.
  • Gifted Sakura

    146. Gifted Sakura

    This mask is inspired by the sakura brought over from Japan by Eliza Ruhamah Scidmore in 1885. After this, sakura trees were planted throughout D.C. and the planting of such trees became important in diplomatic engagements between the United States and Japan especially after WWII. In many ways, sakura have been symbolic of peace and collaborative growth between nations which I believe is the most important quality for connection to exist.
  • A Kiss Between Nations

    147. A Kiss Between Nations

    A Kiss Between Nations is supposed to represent the closeness between the United States and Japan. They may be far in distance but their relationship is close, just like lips.
  • beautiful view

    148. beautiful view

    I draw famous things in America and Japan.
  • Splash of Stars and Sakura

    149. Splash of Stars and Sakura

    When I think of Japan and America, the first two things that come to mind are sakura flowers and stars. My concept is the melding of these two symbols into a pattern. Growing up with both Japanese and American influences, I find the combination of these two iconic designs show how well both countries meld together and how seamlessly the stars and flowers blend.
  • The Lotus Koi Pond

    150. The Lotus Koi Pond

    The Koi fishes and lotus represent good luck and rebirth of US and Japan.
  • USA and Japanese

    151. USA and Japanese

    Things from both countries!
  • U.S.A. and Japan

    152. U.S.A. and Japan

    My favorite things
  • Unity

    153. Unity

    For my design, I wanted to focus on the unity between The United States and Japan. The skyline consists of both Seattle and Tokyo with the rising sun in the sky. In the foreground, both a young American woman and an older Japanese man bow their heads in respect to the other.
  • A Blossoming Friendship Between America and Japan

    154. A Blossoming Friendship Between America and Japan

    This mask design presents the blossoming friendship between American and Japan. Throughout the design, there are the classic beautiful cherry blossoms of Japan uniting with the traditional stars of the United States. Symbolic and famous, the red and white stripes of the American flag merge with the circle on the flag of Japan. Let’s work together to end this pandemic.
  • Friendship Across the Globe

    155. Friendship Across the Globe

    This design depicts the friendship between the people of America and Japan by showing the Japanese and American flags intertwined together, the symbols of each country (cherry blossoms and stars), and of course the people of both cultures. The design is bright and fun, and although we can’t see each other smile underneath the mask, hopefully this friendly and colorful design will bridge that gap and promote continued solidarity and goodwill between Japan and America!
  • Smile Mask

    156. Smile Mask

    Drawing stuffs which make people smile & happy on the mask. Stuffs are relating to US & JAPAN.
  • Japanese Culture and American Culture

    157. Japanese Culture and American Culture

    Present the different cultures.
  • Birthplace of Foods and Culture

    158. Birthplace of Foods and Culture

    Display what I like about.
  • Together [issho ni]

    159. Together [issho ni]

    A Dove is the bird of Peace in the US, while in Japan it symbolizes Longevity. So Together, it means Peaceful Unity Forever. Japan's bird, the Red-Crowned Crane, means Longevity and Good Fortune. The Dove holds the US flower, the Rose and the Crane holds Japan's flower, the Chrysanthemum. Yellow flowers symbolize Friendship in flower giving. I made the Dove, a rendition of a bleeding Heart dove, to symbolize the Love we have for Japan and that we'll be with them Always. We are Together, [一緒に].
  • Jamarica Food

    160. Jamarica Food

    I am half Japanese and half American. I say I am from Jamarica. These are my favorite foods from my countries. Sushi and pizza are the best. It will make people smile on a mask.

    161. DARUMASK

    This design takes inspiration from the Daruma doll, which represents luck and perseverance in Japanese culture. The act of painting the eyes of the doll represents the creation and accomplishment of a goal. To confront the ongoing pandemic as well as other issues concerning Japan and U.S. relations, we must collaborate, seek unity, and remain hopeful for the future. This design aims to capture the beauty and strength present in achieving a goal together.
  • My favorite towers

    162. My favorite towers

    I love Tokyo Tower and Hudson Yards, so I drew the blue sky and Tokyo Tower, the moon and Hudson Yards.
  • The U.S. and Japan Take On 2020

    163. The U.S. and Japan Take On 2020

    The U.S. and Japan's flags are drawn into hands that are fist bumping. We can barely touch because of the pandemic, but we are still working together to get through these difficult times.
  • Splotchy Food

    164. Splotchy Food

    Onigiri and ice cream are both splotchy. They can fall apart when you eat them.
  • cherry blossom

    165. cherry blossom

    I made this picture of a branch full of 3 cherry blossoms in the sunset to represent the beauty of Japan.
  • We Stand Together

    166. We Stand Together

    There is no difference between anyone in the human race and we stand together as one during this pandemic. As we stand together, we can never fail.
  • Our Friendship

    167. Our Friendship

    There are a lot of terrible things happening in the world, I wish there could be world peace. By using yellow color, I tried to illustrate the bright future for both the U.S. and Japan.
  • Protect us from various challenges

    168. Protect us from various challenges

    Flags of both the U.S. and Japan are featured on the mask. We can overcome various challenges we face by wearing this mask.
  • U.S.A. and Japan

    169. U.S.A. and Japan

    Collaboration of America and Japan
  • Collaboration

    170. Collaboration

    Mixed traditional culture between two countries.
  • Vega and Altair and…

    171. Vega and Altair and…

    I created this design inspired by the Japanese Tanabata Festival. I also wanted to express my wish to be a Deneb (bridge) between Vega (Japan) and Altair (America) like the Summer Triangle.
  • Freedom, Peace, & Love

    172. Freedom, Peace, & Love

    My design interpretation of the U.S.-Japan relationship represents an image of peace, feeling the Rising Sun from both sides, & hope and freedom through love. Because as long as there is love in the world, and as long as we share the same solar system and the same earth – a common ground can always be found. Thank you for this opportunity. And now a haiku: Spread love and kindness, Not the coronavirus, MASK UP! kudasai
  • A Brighter Future

    173. A Brighter Future

    This design was inspired by the floral emblems of Japan and America: the chrysanthemum and the rose. These flowers are then repeated into a pattern to recognize the relationship between the two countries. The flower pattern is placed on top of the traditional checkered Japanese pattern called, “Ichimatsu”, which symbolizes prosperity and good fortune. Incorporating the modern elements of the flowers and the traditional Ichimatsu pattern creates a design that establishes “A Brighter Future.”
  • US Japan friendship

    174. US Japan friendship

    The mask shows the Cherry blossoms in Washington D.C., the memorable gift by Tokyo mayor symbolizing friendship. Friendship is beautiful!
  • Neko Friends

    175. Neko Friends

    Cat imagery is common in Japan, and in my experience people in the US love cats too! In fact I know there is a number of cat-related sayings in both English and Japanese. I wanted to highlight that the cat is a much-loved animal in both countries!
  • Rose and Sakura

    176. Rose and Sakura

    Even though we may express ourselves differently, we all have the same humble beginning, just like flowers.
  • Peace and Friendship - Japan and the USA

    177. Peace and Friendship - Japan and the USA

    I drew the sakura flowers, Mount Fuji, and the Statue of Liberty, because those are things that to me, are a few of the many things that can represent Japan and the United States. I also drew a flag, which is half Japanese, and half American. Lastly, I drew hands from both sides shaking, because I hope that we always have peace.
  • Calamity and Hope

    178. Calamity and Hope

    I drew a wave and a rising sun to represent both the disaster that has been covid-19 as well as hope peeking out over the horizon. In addition, the eagle has been a symbol of bravery and victory, which have been displayed by people worldwide fighting against this pandemic.
  • Pattern Between Two

    179. Pattern Between Two

    When designing my idea for two countries I wanted there to be some sense of unity and pattern between the two. So I went with the idea of polka dots. In a way the circles represent the shape on which the Japanese flag contains, all the while having the USA flag be contain in circle, but still being recognizable as the USA flag. As the title states, this mask design represents a pattern between two.
  • Kizuna

    180. Kizuna

    The traditional Japanese checkerboard pattern, which is also used in the hit anime in Japan, is used as a motif to express the Japaneseness by writing “kizuna” which is a common language in the world like “mottainai” and "omotenashi”.
  • Patchwork of Japan & U.S.A.

    181. Patchwork of Japan & U.S.A.

    I designed this mask as if two fabrics, one with the flag of Japan and the other with the flag of the United States, seemed like patchworked. I created it with desire to express a close connection between Japan and the United States and make the world brighter and happier with a pop feeling.
  • half & half

    182. half & half

    I first thought about flags then when I saw that the mask on the website was half darker and other half was lighter. So I made half of my mask the American flag and the other half the Nihon flag. (Nihon is Japan in Japanese)
  • Manga mask

    183. Manga mask

    I designed this mask with mini mangas because I feel that manga is loved by a lot of people from both Japan and the US.
  • Culture Crossing Waters

    184. Culture Crossing Waters

    When thinking of a concept to describe the relations between Japan and the United States, the first thing I thought of was the cultural exchanges between two countries that are oceans apart. I wanted to illustrate those exchanges using a one-lined drawing technique to symbolize the countries’ connection. From language to media to food to art to items of trade, there have been so many aspects of both cultures that have been shared over time.
  • Japan and U.S.A. – Two Nations United by the Sky

    185. Japan and U.S.A. – Two Nations United by the Sky

    Japanese and American national symbols share the same sky in harmony: tsuru, sakura, Japanese-style clouds, American bald eagle, stars. Each nation’s flags are also represented.
  • friendship flag

    186. friendship flag

    My mask represent Japan and America making a flag that represent our friendship.
  • Cherry Blossom Friendship

    187. Cherry Blossom Friendship

    My design is based off the sakura gifted to Washington DC by Japan as a sign of friendship between the countries. In my design, branches reach out from both sides of the mask, symbolizing how Japan and America reach out to each other, united in their love of the beautiful cherry blossoms. On each side of the mask, kanji and katakana for Japan and America represent the two countries and their friendship.
  • Dogs Can Be Friends

    188. Dogs Can Be Friends

    The right side of the mask is my dog, Grumbles. The left side of the mask is my cousin's dog, S'more. I live in Arizona in the United States and my cousin lives in Okinawa, Japan.
  • Cold Sun

    189. Cold Sun

    This is the image of Cool (cold) Japan (sun).

    190. MERGE

    In a room, there are 2 figures sitting across from one another, each representative of ther culture. (America, JP). But in the middle, they forge, representing the unity.
  • Japan and USA

    191. Japan and USA

    I love Japan and USA. Japan and USA both have cool cultures!
  • My favorite food

    192. My favorite food

    I believe that the current Japan-U.S. friendly relationship has been strongly supported by our yummy food! I drew my favorite Japanese and American food for the mask!!
  • Untitled

    193. Untitled

  • A hand shake

    194. A hand shake

    A U.S. representative and a Japanese representative shaking hands.
  • Unity Mask

    195. Unity Mask

    USA and Japan both have major agriculture backgrounds. Japan needed rice as the country's fuel and USA needed corn for fuel. But what do plants need? Sunlight and water. When I think of water I think of fish so I made a koi pond based mask because I really love this sort of pond. And also when I think Japan I think koi and of course I added the rising sun.
  • BFF Trees

    196. BFF Trees

    The idea for the trees came from the cherry blossom because in Japan they love cherry blossom a lot is very popular in Japan so I choose to draw an American tree to show the similarities between the Japan tree and the American tree.
  • Unleash the Magic

    197. Unleash the Magic

    As I am very inspired by the trend of American cartoons fans dressing up in Harajuku fashion styles, I created this illustration that combines my own character drawn in American cartoon style with abstract elements that symbolizes Harajuku decora elements. The purpose is to remind everyone no matter what age to have a fun heart! Wear a mask! Unleash the Magic!
  • Triangles*

    198. Triangles*

    My mask uses only five colors and is a simple design. It has two hearts which are made out of triangles. At the top there are triangles of different colors in a non-specific shape. It also has a line across the middle of 2 colors.

    *Unfortunately, this design is ineligible for the voting process.
  • Peace*

    199. Peace*

    *Unfortunately, this design is ineligible for the voting process.
  • Harmony*

    200. Harmony*

    Two children enjoying the sunset and each other's friendship under a cherry blossom tree. It represents how the human connection brings us together no matter how different we are.

    *Unfortunately, this design is ineligible for the voting process.
  • My mom*

    201. My mom*

    This is an original face mask design because when I was doodling I was thinking of my mom so I decided to draw her. my mom is really blond she has green eyes and when I found out about this from my teacher i decided to enter it into the contest although I could have entered a picture of roses I drew but I decided to enter the picture of her I think the picture of my mom wont win but will be a close 3rd or 4th sadly but it is going to be fun to figure out who won.

    *Unfortunately, this design is ineligible for the voting process.
  • Kawaii Mask*

    202. Kawaii Mask*

    I designed kawaii culture and Japanese candies.

    *Unfortunately, this design is ineligible for the voting process.
  • Always Changing*

    203. Always Changing*

    Change is inevitable. Everything around us is constantly changing. I was inspired by the changing of seasons and the life changes we all have had to make. This past year, we all have face so much change. I wanted this mask to be a reminder that while everything around us is changing, we too are changing.

    *Unfortunately, this design is ineligible for the voting process.
  • Gears*

    204. Gears*

    The mask has a character reminding you to wash your hands.

    *Unfortunately, this design is ineligible for the voting process.
  • Galarian Legendary Birds*

    205. Galarian Legendary Birds*

    Everyone loves Pokémon.

    *Unfortunately, this design is ineligible for the voting process.
  • Assembly of YouTubers*

    206. Assembly of YouTubers*

    I like YouTube, so I drew my favorite YouTubers.

    *Unfortunately, this design is ineligible for the voting process.
  • Cute Playing Cards*

    207. Cute Playing Cards*

    The highlight is that the lower part of the Heart is bit turned. For the colors, purposely used only white, black and red. Also, the shaded area is lightly colored compared to the other parts of the mask.

    *Unfortunately, this design is ineligible for the voting process.
  • Be Positive*

    208. Be Positive*

    I think that it is important to stay positive no matter what happens in life. Therefore, I decided to put these words onto my mask design.

    *Unfortunately, this design is ineligible for the voting process.
  • Shibaneko*

    209. Shibaneko*

    This is an original character I made. It’s called, Shibaneko. The left hand that fixes the glasses is one of its features.

    *Unfortunately, this design is ineligible for the voting process.
  • Corona-halo around the sun*

    210. Corona-halo around the sun*

    In Latin, “Corona” means halo around the sun. I hope we can all come together to fight and defeat the corona virus.

    *Unfortunately, this design is ineligible for the voting process.
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